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Fluminense FC, founded in 1902, is a professional soccer club in Brazil. It is also a major soccer club in Brazil. Mr. Havelange who was FIFA president is the club’s honorary life president. The club has won Campeonato Brasileiro Série A three times and 1 Brazilian Cup. Different from most Brazilian soccer clubs which are of messy and poor management, Fluminense FC is famous for its orderly and exemplary management. In 1994, the club was presented the Olympic Cup by International Olympic Committee. Olympic Cup is set to honor those agencies that have made outstanding contributions to sports management and organization. Moreover, Fluminense FC is the only soccer club given the cup in Latin America.

Its fans club is called tricolors, because Fluminense FC consists of three colors-red, white and green. The anthem of the club is "Bless us, John of God". Why the song is famous is because in 1980, when fans sang this song, the club won.